Our signature course

This in depth course is everything you'll need to master your DSLR camera to begin beautifully documenting your family's everyday.

From getting started behind the camera to finishing up behind the computer, this course takes you full circle with photography - from click to finished product. 


beginner basics

Free 7 day email course

The days are slow, but the years are fast.  Before we know it, our kids are grown and all we're left with are the memories.  Were we intentional with our time?  With our resources?  With how we documented our lives?

That's why I've created a FREE email course with seven simple steps to help you take better photos and to document your family's memories.  


Coaching package

Customized one on one instuction with Brittany

Sometimes behind the camera can feel like a frustrating and lonely place. You're not sure why the same issues keep popping up and you're beginning to feel discouraged. If you ever feel alone along this journey, I'd love to come alongside you to help. Each coaching session is customized to your interests and hang-up points to help you blossom behind your camera (or computer).

I'd love to get to know you!