Why Every Mom Should Become A Photographer


I have found that photography and motherhood go together seamlessly. Even beyond the obvious benefit of having nice photos of your kids. Photography has been such a blessing to our entire family and I hope to share that blessing with you.

Having a hobby is such a blessing

Photography expands your creativity and gives you an outlet.  Better yet, it's a hobby that works in conjunction with your family's schedule rather than pulling you away from your family.  You can learn in the evenings after the kiddos are in bed and practice during the day while doing regular life alongside your kids. You don't have to spend significant amounts of time away from your people (although sometimes a weekend away is wonderful), no guilt.

We’re reminded to see the beauty in our everyday moments

Being behind the camera lets you focus in on specific moments.  You get to seek out the joy and beauty among the regular day.  Sometimes motherhood can be a lot.  A lot of laundry, a lot of discipline, a lot of mundane.  But choosing to pick up my camera during a regular, everyday moment shifts my perspective.  I find myself looking for the best angle, the best expressions, the simple beauty in a moment that could have otherwise been completely passed by.

Photography encourages us to engage with our kids

Motherhood is BUSY. The to do lists are endless, the distractions are unbelievable, the phone is constantly calling our names. Sometimes it's hard to just be with our kids.  But in order to get good photos of our kids in their element we have to actually be in their element - playing with them, taking with them, learning with them.  You get to do what you want (take pictures) while they do what they want - and everyone is bonding and making memories.  Get out and enjoy life.  Explore the world with you kids - and take photos while you go.

You get to curate and preserve your family’s story

Memories don't just happen, we have to make a conscious effort to make sure we're enjoying childhood with our children.  We're not looking for perfect childhoods, we're just trying to be intentional about the moments we create and the opportunities we leave room for.

And beyond the memories, the physical, printed product will be passed down for generations. Albums will be shared with your grandkids and then their kids.  And it's so much more than just the photos that are being shared - it's the value of family.  The safety and security provided by a mom who loved on her kids - and that is one powerful message to pass down for generations!

Photography encourages gratitude

Looking back on my collection of photos makes me so grateful. We have a beautiful life. Not a perfect one. Some days I feel like I do more yelling and disciplining than I do enjoying. But when I look back on our family yearbooks I see page after page of simple, beautiful memories. And all of those memories add up to a pretty great family legacy. I see love, I see serving one another, I see growth and boy do I see joy! And that's an awful lot to be grateful for.