My Journey to Photography


First, let me say that God’s timing is always perfect.  I certainly don't always know or realize it at the time, but looking back, I couldn’t have planned this all better myself.  God always has this way of teaching us the lessons we need to learn most.  And for that I am forever grateful - for his love, grace, mercy and perfect timing.

My husband, Devin, and I got married while I was still in college.  I was young, but I knew more than anything that I was supposed to be married to this man, so we went for it.  I enjoyed just about every moment of planning our deeply meaningful wedding celebration; piecing together details to tell our story and commemorate our commitment to one another.  At that point I fell in love with weddings.  Then we transitioned to the newlywed phase – and I fell in love with marriage.  We had so much fun together – learning about one another, serving one another, discovering the others quirks.  It was just like dating, only better, because we didn’t have to say goodbye at the end of each night.  It was bliss. 

When I graduated from college I took an engineering job close to home.  Yep, my undergraduate degree is in engineering - totally random.  My mom bought me a camera as a graduation present and it was at this point that I started photographing life.  Devin made me a blog to display my new found passion, and because he was so great at supporting me, he bought a camera and started photographing life as well.  

Our wedding photographer stumbled across my new blog and reached out, inviting me to assist her at weddings.  I was elated - I loved weddings and I was flattered that she liked my photos!  I tagged along with her to dozens of weddings and learned so much from her - until she decided to move to Florida!  It was at this point I needed to make a decision - either give up on weddings or start doing them on my own.  So Devin and I teamed up and started our professional wedding photography business together.  You can check out Brittany + Devin Photo Co. here.

We were in the hustle phase – working full time, photographing and business building in every spare moment.  It was busy, but it was great and fulfilling and we felt like we were doing what we were called to be doing.  It was invigorating and I hadn’t felt so full of life in a long time.  We loved our couples and we loved sharing our passion for marriage with them as well.

It was during this season that we invested a ton of time into learning about photography.  We attended workshops, watched webinars and read every little thing about photography we could find online.  We also invested our profits into professional grade camera equipment and gear.  I certainly don't think every mama needs to start out with pro quality gear, which is why I wrote this post, about what equipment I think you actually need to get started with photography.

Fast forward a couple years and our business was booming.  We’ve got weddings booked and life is going great, when, "Surprise!" we find out we're pregnant!  Now, I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom, but at the time, I certainly didn't think I was ready.  Thankfully we were already equipped with the skills and equipment we needed to document everything about our new little guys' life.  And document we did!  

It wasn't until the following year when I put together a family yearbook and had it printed that I realized what a gift photography was for my motherhood journey.  That yearbook allowed me to relive the past year over again.  Sure, it had only been a year, but I had already started forgetting the details - the little outfits he wore, how tiny his hands and feet were, how sweet he looked curled up on our chests.  It all goes by so fast and sometimes it just feels like we're in survival mode, but when we're reminded to look back we start to see it differently.  We see it for what it was - the most beautiful season of life.

I'm a mom, just like you.  I've got a job and a husband and two little kiddos - with another one on the way.  I totally get what it's like to be in the craziness of motherhood.  It's the best, most challenging, most rewarding, most fabulous thing I've ever done in my life.  I choose to make photography a part of my everyday because I want to remember every little moment of it - sometimes even the rough ones - because I want to look back and be reminded of how good it's been.

Our, now several, family yearbooks sit out in our living room daily.  Friends and family leaf through them raving about how wonderful it is to have such beautiful memories compiled together.  And they all want to know how to take better photos.  So this website is my gift to them - my friends and fellow mamas from far and wide.  I hope you love learning to take better photos as much as I have.  But even more so, I hope you love looking back on the beauty that is so readily abundant in your everyday.

I'm so blessed to have you on this journey with me.