Full Circle Photo Project was established to inspire moms to see the beauty in their everyday lives and to inspire them to use photography to intentionally build their family's legacy.  It's not about taking the perfect pictures of our kids, it's about using our cameras to change our focus - to see past the mundane and to intentionally seek out the beauty in each day, to connect with our kids on their level and to create memories that are the building blocks of our family legacies.  I believe that by equipping a fellow mom to use her camera I'm not only providing her with better photos, I'm also providing her with a better outlook on life.

For more on why I think every mom should become a photographer, check out this blog post.


Photo School

Teaching fellow moms is the heart behind this website.  This in depth course is everything you'll need to master your DSLR camera to begin beautifully documenting your family's everyday.  Learn more...

The blog

The Full Circle Blog is a treasure trove of helpful information about photography and motherhood.  I share a new post each week encouraging moms to see the beauty each day.  Latest posts...


If you ever feel alone along this journey, I'm always here to help.  I offer one on one coaching customized to your interests and hang-up points.  I'd love to get to know you!  Learn more...

Photo Talks

A live, monthly webinar for mamas with cameras who want to better capture the beauty in their everyday lives.  We'll discuss topics from camera gear to editing to how-to behind the lens.  Learn more...


A free course to get you started

Beginner Basics - 7 simple steps to beautifully document your days

Childhood is fleeting and our kids are only little for such a short amount of time.  Let's make the most of their memories - intentionally.

That's why I've created a FREE email course with seven simple steps to help you take better photos of your own family.  



About Brittany

I'm a mom, just like you.  I have a fabulously supportive husband and two little kiddos - with another one on the way.  I totally get what it's like to be in the craziness of motherhood. It's the best, most challenging, most rewarding, most fabulous thing I've ever done in my life. I want to remember every little moment of it - sometimes even the rough ones - because I want to look back and be reminded of how good it's been.

Photography came naturally to motherhood for me.  My husband and I became professional wedding photographers a few years before our oldest son was born. We were already equipped with the skills and equipment we needed to document everything about our new little guys' life.  It wasn't until the following year when I put together a family yearbook and had it printed that I realized what a gift photography was for my motherhood journey.

That yearbook allowed me to relive the past year over again.  Sure, it had only been a year, but I had already started forgetting the details - the little outfits he wore, how tiny his hands and feet were, how sweet he looked curled up on our chests. It all goes by so fast and sometimes it just feels like we're in survival mode. But when we're reminded to look back we see it differently. We see it for what it was - the most beautiful season of life.

Our, now several, family yearbooks sit out in our living room daily. Friends and family leaf through them raving about how wonderful it is to have such beautiful memories compiled together. And they all want to know how to take better photos. So this website is my gift to them - my friends and fellow mamas from far and wide. I hope you love learning to take better photos as much as I have. But even more so, I hope you love looking back on the beauty that is so readily abundant in your everyday. 



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